Flexible teams

We have an extensive network of middle and small-scale companies and freelancers. Outsourcing and collaborating with specialist firms and professionals gives us the possibility to compose tailor made teams for all kinds of assignments. Our teams consist of specialised professionals who know each other and collaborate smoothly and exist only as long as needed to fullfil your assignment.
We collaborate for complex ICT-assignments with the company SimplyPhy from Kashmir (India). They react fast, reliable and with a fantastic non-European customer approach.

The result is a high quality standard with minimal overhead costs. This translates in a comfortable price-quality ratio for you. For us it gives the possibility to accept a wide range of smaller as well as bigger assignments.

Partners and colleagues

Binoq, collega van het eerste uur.

Atana, brengt talent met een bi-culturele achtergrond naar bestuurlijk Nederland.

ASOM, spannende interactieve projecten en theorie-ontwikkeling.

Esser & Partners, financiële duivelskunstenaars.

Cultuurfabriek, projectorganisator pur sang.

Praaning & Roekens, tovenaars in management van culturele projecten.

M-project, publiciteit en PR die aankomt.

Phooom, alles voor communicatie.

Schrijfbureau Maan, zet zaken wonderschoon op papier.

LindHorst, bouwmanagement zonder concessies.
The team of De Bussy Consults exceeded our expectations by realising a large-scale festival in an extremely complex, international political environment and under high time pressure. I was stuck by the fast reaction time. De Bussy Consult was able to provide any demand of our department with a fast and professional respons. The concept of flexible teaming proved to be successful in this costly and highly vulnerable project.

J.J.K. Knol MA

Former Ministry of Education, Culture and Science / CEO Cultural Participation Fund.