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Recently we organised a conference at the island of Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean with the objective to establish a sustainable infrastructure for youth culture in all islands of the Dutch kingdom in the Caribbean. The conference aims to lead to island wide collaboration and financial support by Dutch governmental funds for culture.

Earlier the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs contracted us in 2005 to design the national gift to the former colony of Surinam. Surinam celebrated 30 years of independence. In the presence of the former presidents Venetiaan from Surinam and Balkenende from The Netherlands a workshop for youth theatre yielded. The workshop was greatly appreciated, not in the least because of the lasting goal. The workshop has been followed-up by several permanent local initiatives, including a theatre academy led by the famous actress Helen Kamperveen.

After this first introduction to the Caribbean in 2005 many further assignments followed including the creation of the National School Music Surinam, two editions of the Cultural Kingdom Games for Aruba, the islands of the former Dutch Antilles & The Netherlands. Contractors were mostly the Dutch parliament and individual Caribbean islands.

Why is professional arts education only accessible for people with higher pre-education? Is a few years language delay or dyslexia reason to deny artistic talent? De Bussy Consult took the initiative to start professional arts education on intermediate level, accessible for lower educated persons. This education aims at the cultural industry where vocational skills are more than artistic creativity. The Dutch ministry of education recognized the initiative and numerous institutions offer interesting programmes today.

War Child Foundation asked to travel to Bosnia-Herzegovina for the Pavarotti Music Centre, founded by the legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti in this former war zone. The organization had hit the ground through mismanagement and corruption. We conducted a thorough re-organisation. The centre is running again, but to put it honestly , the centre is not hassle free yet. The decline has been stopped and the centre has new opportunities for future development. New assignments followed in amongst others South-Africa, India, The Caribbean but also closer in England, Belgium and for the European Commission.

The situation of refugees in Khartoum (Sudan), especially kids form the South, was terribly bad. Well know charities withdrew from the country because the government created almost impossible working circumstances. We were involved in the establishment of a new foundation which developed many art programmes for these children and we erected a shelter place. As chair Arthur de Bussy stayed in Khartoum in 1997 to negotiate the official status for the foundation. The programmes became so successful that it wasn't possible anymore to run them as volunteers. War Child Foundation took over the work and activities are going on until today. They even expanded to South Sudan.