De Bussy Consult is an advisory and management office for culture and society. The power of culture is our inspiration. Our focus is on - but not limited to - cultural diversity, interactive processes and governance & management.

We often operate in frontier areas: new project developments and research areas, complex surroundings or deadlocks. We accept international assignments on a regular basis.

Fast, effective and efficiënt organisation is our trade mark. To us hard deadlines are challenges rather than obstacles. If complexity and time pressure are at stake we get energized.

You want to push your organisation to the very front. We enjoy working in frontier arreas: in innovative projects, new research fields and in complex surroundings. And we don't shy away for international settings.

We aim at finding solutions. Together with you we meet your situation, consider the (im)possibilities of your specific circumstances and we help you and your organisation forward in a very concrete way.

This website gives a brief impression of our work which is mostly tailor made. Please contact us to get an idea what we can contibute to you.

Crowdfunding as a financial back support for your projects

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Modern cost-effective arts education and happier clients at the same time

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Interim- & change management, we focus on an interactive approach

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Quality management.
For certification of Dutch art organisations but also as a clever diagnosis model

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