We conduct research projects, advise national and local governments and institutes, develop and manage projects and we provide interim management.

Our approach is interactive. In our philosophy this means we work along three interrelated lines: the ASOM method.

  • top-down: the starting point is almost always a strategic motive from the management
  • bottom-up: cross-sectional teams in which all hierarchical levels are represented guarantee practical solutions and commitment
  • quality by adding expert knowledge from universities or specialised consulting firms.

We like to enrich our interactive processes with technology. Brainstorm-sessions get better results when participants first brainstorm online without any group pressure. And debates go deeper when also the opninions of lesser dominant debaters are clearly represented via online & realtime projected reactions.

De Bussy Consult is a core member of the Amsterdam School of Management (ASOM). Within the ASOM network managers, scientists and consultants from various backgrounds explore this interactive approach, in search for both innovative and practical solutions in a wide range of sectors.

research & advice

concept development & project realisation

interim management

change management

good governance

international cooperation

diversity management

quality management

fund raising

construction management

culture & creativity



festival planning

culture tourism

commercial creatieve concepts/projects