Quality management

De Bussy Consult has extensive experience with quality management models such as EFQM & ISO. We use these models not only when auditing for certification of Dutch organisations but also as fundamental framework at interim- and change assignments.

We were one of the parties at the cradle of the certification scheme for Centres for the Arts. Together with KPMG we developed the first quality framework for arts education. Meanwhile a sector-specific quality framework has been developed based on the system of the European Federation of Quality Management (EFQM). We contributed to this development.

Since 2005 Arthur de Bussy acts as an auditor in the certification of Centers for the Arts, first commissioned by the certification company Hobéon Group. Since 2011 also for the new Dutch Foundation Kunstkeur.

Also in interim or change assignments we like to use the EFQM model. In that case, not as a model for quality, but rather as a diagnostic model. The model provides clues for fast mapping those areas where intervention is needed. We work together with employees and other stakeholders in an interactive process. This not only leads to fast, to-the-point analysis, but also to support for the implementation of the conclusions.

EFQM model

The schema below gives an insight of the EFQM-model if used as a diagnosis tool. Left the focus areas that deal with input: how organises and investests an organisation the 'back'. To the right the focus areas that deal with the results. What offers an organisation to clients, co-workers and its social environment?

When it comes to quality improvement - a sustainable future - the static diagnosis-model will be expanded with a more dynamic process, aimes at continues improvement of the results.

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