Interim & change management

When you need a temporary manager, we gladly accept assignments to also implement changes. Typically, this involves changing the working culture, the development of new product-market combinations and/or training of co-workers.

At interim assignments we not seldom use the EFQM quality model as a diagnostic model to identify most urgent interventions. The model serves very well for interactive processes in which, together with a variety of stakeholders, bottle necks and solutions are identified. The commitment of co-workers leads to enhanced support for actions needed.

Further we are experienced with privatisations and mergers in the arts education sector. P.e. Arthur de Bussy governed in the city of Zoetermeer a major reorganization in which the local music school was lifted from the municipal organization and was privatised, then was merged with other local institutions for arts education and finally a new, spacious building of 5000 m2 was constructed to accommodate the new organisation.

For more information about our projects or for information how we can help to improve your organisation as an advisor or interim-manager, please contact us.