Modern, cost effective arts education

Dutch Centres for Arts Education are under pressure forr many yeras already are critized by financers. The objectives - making arts education accessable for large groups of society - is insufficiently achieved and the prices reach such a level that mainly higher income groups will find their way to the centres. The high qaulity the centres offer, doesn't justify the price level in the eyes of many.

More quality with lesser costs
Traditionally music is the most expensive. Over the years the centres have limited teaching time to minimal proportions to lower prices. Clients question lesson of 20 minutes or even less and teachers feel ristricted in their professionality. De Bussy Consult has extensive experience with developing new concepts for music education. Concepts that offer clients better experiences, that offer teachers more space and that improve the relation subsidy/incomes from usually about 65/35% to 50/50%.

Enrich your programmes
De Bussy Consult closely collaborates with several foundations and professionals who can enrich your programmes with short or longer innovative projects. Your programmes get a creative boost, your teachers get inspired and above all your clients are happier than ever. Thus you keep your clients longer and no need to contraCT personel.

Think about composition projects using ICT in which everybody, beginner or advanced, reach fantastic results. Or p.e. a major, one hour concert performed by all pupils of a primary school. Or community arts projects which outreach to groups that would normally be hard to .
Everbodu can join. We take care of the instruments, the computers or other necessities and expierences & skilled personal.

For more information about our projects or for information how we can help to improve your organisation as an advisor or interim-manager, please contact us.