Make a virtue of necessity, that's the idea behind the platform for crowdfunding Crowdfunding Facilities: a financial back support combined with a substantial expansion of your network.

De Bussy Consult and Bottse Advies founded this platform for crowdfunding. The subtitle is building funding communities and most probably that is the key. At Crowdfunding Facilities you create easily online pages that bring extra funding for your projects within reach. But also you committ more people. This expanded network will be helpfull in the future.

Crowdfunding is a new way of online fundraising: a big amount of people are invited to contribute a smalla mount of money to a project. For more information see The first projects have succesfully finished their crowdfunding projects already. Keep an eye on the website for future webinars and workshops about crowdfunding. Also see Consultancy below every page to learn how we can help your organisation.

Previously we had experience in crowdfunding. We launched an online publishing house, Four books found their way to the market already.